Dakota Communications is the lead public outreach consultant tasked with managing the public outreach program for GRIP.  As the lead consultant, Dakota Communications assists WRD staff in the overall management and execution of public outreach activities related to the GRIP effort.  Dakota Communications is responsible for: development of the strategic outreach plan; design and production of collateral materials, including public education materials; message development; identification of key stakeholders and leaders; design and implementation of the GRIP media strategy; overseeing stakeholder engagement activities.  A key task and challenge is to ensure that the public understands the goals of objectives of GRIP; taking a fairly complicated and technical program and communicating the overall scope of the program.

Dakota Communications is the key advisor to the WRD Board of Directors and staff on outreach efforts related to the GRIP.  Our responsibilities include developing a strategic outreach plan that targets key stakeholders regarding GRIP; devise a comprehensive marketing plan that educates targeted interest groups, community leaders and organizations and residents about the scope and facts about GRIP; assist in design and breadth of the survey instrument aimed at collecting polling data for empirical analysis of public opinion about GRIP; consult with the GRIP technical consultants and WRD staff on the overall planning and implementation of project phases; manage the team of GRIP public outreach consultants, including stakeholder engagement consultants, media consultants, web/web broadcasting consultant, survey/polling consultant and any other outreach consultant selected by WRD; design and produce education materials that inform the public about the environmental facts and benefits of GRIP; oversee in the design and development of the GRIP website and web-based information and communications; lead in identifying primary target audiences, key community leaders, organizations, government, business and the media in the areas served by WRD; develop a comprehensive contact database that includes target audiences and key stakeholders; create a strategic stakeholder engagement plan that identifies the necessary distribution of outreach resources needed in various portions of the district to insure that communities and stakeholders are fully informed about GRI; and attend GRIP Ad Hoc Committee meetings and WRD Board Meetings and provide regular updates to the Committee and/or Board as requested