Dakota Communications was contracted by Covered California in December 2014 to increase health care enrollment of African Americans in Los Angeles County during the 2014-2015 open enrollment period.  Though we got a late start (open enrollment began November 15, 2014), Dakota was able to provide outreach, education, earned media and enrollment opportunities which resulted in a measurable increase in California’s African American enrollment numbers.  Dakota was also asked by the California Legislative Black Caucus and Covered California to organize a health fair at the California African American Museum.  With just one month to put the fair together, Dakota was able to coordinate a very successful event.  Dakota worked with LACCD and coordinated an enrollment week on several community college campuses.  LACCD Week was well-received and highly successful.  In addition to numerous successful enrollment events, Dakota was able to obtain positive earned media coverage in local African American newspapers.

Dakota was able to achieve its goals of increasing awareness of Covered California and enrollment in health plans in the African American communities in Los Angeles County.  Dakota was able to reach people who had little knowledge of Covered California and also those who had the knowledge but no access to enrollers.  Through Dakota’s efforts, Covered California’s profile was raised and enrollment numbers increased for African Americans in Los Angeles County.